Leasing Policies

Apartments & Houses

  • Application & signed co-signer form is turned in
  • Security Deposit – equal to a month of rent (Non-refundable if lease is not signed within 30 days.  Also the security deposit cannot be used toward rent at any time).
  • Last month’s rent is due and lease must be signed 30 days after the security deposit is put down.
  • First month’s rent is due 30 days before the lease starts, or sooner if there are not 30 days between lease signing and move in.

Special Notes

  • All applications should be hand delivered/mailed to 851 E. Grand Avenue, Carbondale, IL 62901 or faxed to 618-457-6405.  They can also be e-mailed to [email protected]
  • It is mandatory that all tenants under the age of 21 have a co-signer with their lease, no matter the credit score or circumstances.  The co-signer requirement for tenants 21 or older will be determined according to the credit score.  The co-signer form is attached to the application, and must be completed before the application will be processed.
  • Anyone without a social security number must have a co-signer that guarantees they will be accessible to G&R Rentals and in the United States past the term of the lease.
  • There are no exceptions to any of the aforementioned policies.
  • The Resident Selection Policy attached to this page details all of the qualifications and procedures for renting a housing unit from G&R Rentals.


Form Downloads:

  g-and-r-rentals-pdf g-and-r-rentals-pdf  
   Resident Selection Policy  Utilities You Need To Hook Up