About Us

G&R Rentals opened in 1960 to fill the need of an overwhelming number of students attending SIUC.  In fact there was so little housing a the time the President of SIUC, actually went door to door asking if the home owners had extra rooms they could rent to students. 

The fastest and most efficient way to offer housing at that time was with trailer parks.  The Glisson Trailer Court and the Roxanne Trailer Court opened in the early 1960’s.

The Glisson Park has been replaced with top of the line apartments and more were built on Grand Avenue and South Illinois Avenue in Carbondale.  The Roxanne Park is not in use at this time.

The planning of the apartments was extensive, the research found what the tenants wanted and we delivered.  

Valued Amenity Package:

  • In room washer and dryers & energy efficient dishwashers
  • Cost efficient heating and cooling, G&R installed high efficiency heat pump and air conditioning units and ceiling fans.
  • Ceramic time instead of linoleum
  • Nice Carpeting
  • Walk in Closets
  • Private patios/decks
  • Units in all locations are conveniently located close to shopping, eateries, and entertainment.  As well as SIU campus.

Mr. Glisson passed away in 2018 and has left the business in the capable hands of his son-in-law Greg Borowitz, his family, and long time staff members.

The tradition continues. 

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