Do you allow pets in your rentals? We have a very strict NO PETS policy.  This means no pets anywhere on the property, even if it is just for a couple of minutes.

Do you allow subleasing? We do not allow subleases at all.  It is possible to try to assign your lease to someone, however, depending on the type of apartment and the time of year, this is not always easy to do.  The best advice we can offer is if your lease is for 12 months, plan on staying for 12 months.  If you must have a shorter lease ask us about our 2 bedroom mobile homes.

How do I renew my lease if I want to stay in my apartment? If you want to renew your lease, you simply have to contact us at the office before Winter Break to let us know you are going to be staying.  We will then get your new lease ready, and you will just come in before the end of January to sign it.

I have a maintenance issue, how do I resolve it? Anytime you have a maintenance issue call the office at 618-549-4713.  If it is during office hours the request will be written up and sent out right away.  If it is after hours you can leave a message and the order will be written up when the office re-opens.

I need a short term lease, do you offer anything less than 12 months? We can offer a 9 or 12 month lease in our 2 bedroom mobile homes, but that is the only place we can do so.  Our apartments are 12 month leases only.

What do I do if I have any emergency maintenance request after office hours? You will still call the office number 618-549-4713.  And listen to all the options very carefully.  Choose the emergency option.  Here you will leave a message with your name, phone number, and a brief description of the problem.  This will ensure that the proper work order can be written up, and the office can make sure that it was resolved.  After you leave a message at the office you will hang up and call 618-967-9383.

What happens if I change my mind after I put down a security deposit on a unit? Security deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind before signing a lease.  So we advise that you are absolutely certain before you commit to putting down the security deposit.

When can I look at an apartment? We begin showing apartments for May & August at the beginning of January.  Because we have a very limited amount of vacant apartments we strongly suggest you call before you want to look at something and make an appointment, so that proper notice can be given, and arrangements can be made with our current tenants.  We show Monday – Friday between 9:00 – 4:30.  If you will be viewing an occupied unit, everyone in your party must have a picture ID, for us to make a copy of before the viewing.

When do you begin signing leases for the next year? We send out letters around Thanksgiving asking our tenants if they plan to renew their contract or not, and ask that they let us know before Winter Break.  We then will start showing and signing leases as we know what is available.

What happens if I renew my lease, but the rent is increasing in the apartments? If you renew your lease in your apartment and the rent is being increased  throughout your complex, your rent will stay the same.  We vow not to raise your rent, for up to 4 years, as long as you continue renewing your lease with us in the same unit.

What if I am expecting a package that I cannot be home to sign for? All packages must be addressed to your apartment whether you know you will be home to sign for it or not.  If it is a UPS or FedEx Package, when ever possible, the driver will bring it here if you are not home and we will sign for it.  You may also leave a note on your door requesting that they deliver it here.  If it is delivered by US Postal Service (USPS), it must be delivered to you at your apartment.  If you are not home and it will not fit in your mailbox, they will leave you a note and you can pick it up at the Post Office.  G&R Rentals will not sign for packages that are delivered to our office by US Mail, and we will not sign for packages that are addressed to anyone other than a current tenant.  In such cases the packages will be sent back to the sender as Undeliverable As Addresses.

If you are ever unclear on any of these points, you can call our office during office hours and we will be happy to discuss and explain things further.